Useful Information

Who cleans the cabin?

Guests are expected to clean and take care of the cabin during the length of their stay, leaving it tidy so that others may have a pleasant wilderness experience. If the final cleaning is available, at an extra cost, it is mentioned in the cabin details. We hope that you show respect for nature by using our recycling and garbage-collection system.

How to manage with mosquitoes?

To adequately prepare for the mosquitoes, gnats and other insects that are a natural part of a Finnish summer, bring along some mosquito spray and insect repellent, incense or outdoor candles, medicated creams, and netted caps. The mosquito season in Lapland lasts from around midsummer to the beginning of August. Wild Nordic Finland takes no responsibility for any discomfort or harm caused by insects.

How to use outside toilets?

A part of traditional cabin life is the outhouse. Located in small huts in the cabinsĀ“ garden, outhouses typically do not have running water or electricity. And they also serve as nature-friendly compost sites.

How to bathe in the wilderness?

Almost every cabin has a sauna for washing. Saunas are either electric or wood-heated, with guests taking responsibility for heating the sauna. Holiday cabins (4-5 pinecones) may also contain a shower.

How to get help
Cabins are often several kilometres away from neighbours and do not come equipped with telephones. For these reasons, we highly recommend taking a mobile phone along for the length of your stay. The cabinĀ“s information book contains relevant contact details for people who can provide assistance should you need it. It is also wise to pack a first aid kit for treating small cuts and injuries. With common sense and the proper supplies, your stay in nature will be safe and memorable.

Fishing permits?

When fishing in Finland you have to buy fishing permits and pay pure-fishing fees. If, however, you only intend to ice fish or angle with hook and line there is no need to pay anything, because this is covered by public right of access. Fishing is prohibited, however, in some rapids and channels in salmon and whitefish rivers, and in certain other protected waters. 
A person who is 18-64 years old and wishes to practise lure fishing must either obtain a permission from the holder of the fishing right or pay the provincial lure fishing fee. The national fishing management fee must also be paid. 

More information: 
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